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When Weird Works: How Pepsi’s 2022 Ad Campaign Defied Convention

In today’s world, brands are constantly looking for innovative and creative ways to stand out from the crowd. Pepsi is no exception, and in 2022, the brand launched a new ad campaign called “That’s What I Like” that embraced the power of weirdness.The “That’s What I Like” campaign features a series of ads that showcase…

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Unleashing Your Inner Kitten: Embracing Playfulness in Marketing

For a successful marketing career, one needs to be strategic towards their approach, especially in the content creation aspect. The thing that makes a marketing campaign more viral is the elements that can create a playful environment. Hence, embracing playfulness in marketing is essential to effectively connect with your audiences while they have fun making…

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The Power Of Customer Engagement: How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More!

  The digital world concentrates on creating brands by engaging customers in their sites as they make them more productive for themselves. Digitization of consumer experience assembles on a modern customer interaction process. Customer engagement technologies begin at brand discovery and reference and advance through service, loyalty, and feedback. Integration can confirm that the customer…

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