Locational Intelligence- The Game-changer of Advertising World

Gone are the days when advertising in the right place at the right time seemed impossible. Today, businesses are using Locational intelligence in much smarter ways than ever anticipated. By employing geospatial information to gain key insights regarding customer’s choices, behaviors, physical and online presence, and more, businesses can make more accurate predictions. This has…

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Fashion-From-Home in The Times of COVID-19

Work-from-home has become a new norm and hopefully will continue since the timeline to ‘post-COVID-19’ remains a pyridine script. While for many other businesses, virtual connections have been a life-savior during the pandemic, the fashion industry found itself combating the restraints posed by it. When It’s All About ‘feels’ Creating a collection does not require…

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Talk Stock with Aashish Nanavati, Marketing Leader

Had he not advised me to go ahead with my ideas, I would have surely not reached where I am now. Today, at Talk Stock, I want you to meet a person who, in a 10-minute conversation, gave me the best advice of my life – ‘Don’t Limit Yourself’. Catch up with me as I build Talk Stock with…

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Talk Stock With Author Anuj Tiwari

Have you ever heard an author saying that writing happened to him just like that? If no, then let me introduce one such author at Talk Stock today, to whom writing just happened- Anuj Tiwari. Listed as one of the top ten influential authors in India in 2016, most of his work is inspired by…

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Talk Stock With Sairee Chahal

It was in the year 2017 that I first bumped into SHEROES, an Online Women’s Only Community. Honestly, it was an unbelievable thing to me – a complete women’s platform! How can that be even possible? Is it safe? What if someone disguises as a woman? So many doubts, that just got vanished over the…

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