Marketing Shouldn’t Be Boring: Why & How to Add Playfulness to Your Campaigns

Playful content

Playful content is a way to your audience’s heart!

Yeah- see that was a bad example of being playful with your content. Or was it?

Anyway, my point is that your content does not have to be boring to show how much serious you are about your business growth. Don’t believe me? Well, I come armed with DATA (yes- the golden sword-cum-shield-cum-power potion of the AI era)

  • According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 60% of marketers believe that interactive content (e.g., quizzes, polls, games) is effective at engaging audiences and generating leads.
  • In a survey of over 1,000 consumers, 77% said they were more likely to buy from a company that offers interactive experiences.
  • A study by the marketing firm 8th Bridge found that gamified promotions on social media can increase engagement by up to 100%.
  • HubSpot reports that adding fun, playful elements to your website can increase visitor engagement and time spent on the site, ultimately leading to more conversions.
  • According to a report by Forbes, playful content can help businesses stand out in crowded markets and build stronger emotional connections with customers.
  • In a case study, McDonald’s Canada used a playful Snapchat filter that turned users into a burger and fries to promote their new menu items. The campaign generated over 20 million views and helped drive a 30% increase in sales.

These are just a few cases. The marketing world is full of such campaigns where brands did not hesitate away from indulging in playfulness and yielding desired results. In fact, some of the most successful campaigns are the ones that incorporate a sense of playfulness and fun. From witty social media challenges to whimsical ad campaigns, injecting a little playfulness into your marketing can go a long way in capturing the attention and hearts of your audience.

So how do you embrace your inner kitten and inject playfulness into your marketing? Here are a few tips:

  • Get witty on social media: Social media is the perfect platform to showcase your playful side. Try hosting a silly challenge or competition that encourages user-generated content. This not only creates engagement and buzz around your brand but also showcases your fun-loving personality.
  • Use humor in your ads: People love to laugh, so why not inject some humor into your ads? Whether it’s a funny video or a clever pun, a little humor can go a long way in capturing the attention of your audience.
  • Create a playful brand voice: Your brand voice is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. By infusing a playful tone and personality into your brand voice, you can create a sense of approachability and relatability with your audience.
  • Try something experientially unexpected: Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and try something unexpected while creating experiences. Whether it’s a pop-up event or a unique product launch, or an online interaction -make your audience feel the thrill, excitement, emotion, or simply an unforgettable moment of their life.

However, a word of caution (because no blog is ever completed without it).

Remember, injecting playfulness into your marketing doesn’t mean sacrificing professionalism or brand identity. It’s about creating an emotional connection with your audience and showing them that your brand has a fun side.

P.S. Want to add a touch of humor and a lot of growth to your campaigns? Then let’s connect! I promise I won’t bombard you with cat memes (unless you’re into that sort of thing). But what I will do is share some tips and tricks on how to inject playfulness into your marketing and make your campaigns stand out. So let’s chat and see how we can make your marketing strategy purrfect.

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