A Book-Lover’s Workout Story

I always thought about why life doesn’t give me easy choices to make. Something like picking up between books and running shoes. My goodness! I would not waste a single minute in picking up the books, walking out of the place and probably would hunt a quiet corner to get immersed in my newly chosen treasure and would not even check on the world’s existence.

However, when life (or read my husband) gave me this choice in reality, I found myself standing not on the weighing scale but on a cross-path, where one step led to a pile of the books that I had handpicked to read on my upcoming weekend bookathon and the other to a newly bought pair of running shoes in grey color. I couldn’t believe myself. For the first time, I was reluctant in choosing books! The culprit for bringing such a sinful thought was my increasing weight.

My body had piled up the weight like I pile up the books.

However, ditching my paperback friends did not sound a good idea to me and for a second a thought flashed through my mind-

Can books and exercise go hand-in-hand?

Well, honestly, even I didn’t believe it till I tried it.

It took me a few months to realize that it is possible to mingle my workout sessions and indulge my love for books as a motivation to do more. I will agree that in the beginning, I found it weird and funny, but gradually I saw that it was actually working!

So, this is how it all started.

One day just for fun sake, I googled – Workout Tips for Book Lovers. To my surprise, a number of results got displayed that talked about exercise tips for book nerds, workout regime for book-loving minds and so on.

Finally, I had a few good ideas in my bag but I could not execute all of them. Some of them were just simply stupid and uninteresting. However, I found these two ideas that are perfectly executable and I try them from time to time:

Audio Books

Though I am not a big fan of audiobooks, this is something you should definitely try. Audiobooks may help you in exercising longer. If you are someone, who totally get absorbed in the storyline and the characters of the books, audiobooks can replace your workout jam quite easily. For me, these are the best workout partners for activities like long walks and easy bike rides. To motivate yourself for an extra mile, you can pick up the books that are based on health and fitness, inspirational memoirs, or any piece that spurs up that A-HA moment.

Exercises with books

There are a few exercises that you can do while reading a few pages. For instance, try plank while reading a book or do wall sit-ups, or leg raises, etc. You can present yourself with challenges like hold your position till you complete the page. While without books, you would be counting seconds or reps, with a good book in front, time will fly quickly and you won’t even know.

Have you ever tried to squeeze some book-time within your workout schedules? If yes, then do share your experiences and ideas below in the comments. If no, then give it a try and let me know when you are going to get started with your nerdy-workout-regime.

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