Recent Data Breaches: How To Secure Your Information In The Digital Age- Tweak it from content marketing POV

Data Breaches

Data breaches have become a major concern in today’s digital world. With the huge number of enterprises developing and advancing with the latest technology, the risk of data manipulation, cyber hacks, and threats have highly increased. Hence, digital data security is the chief priority for every business professional and internet user. Everyone must be aware of privacy concerns. According to research, nearly 86 % of internet users need enhanced privacy and are taking valuable steps for it.

However, there are some available tricks that most people are still not aware of. There are different ways to protect your sensitive data and information. Especially for protecting digital marketing assets, we will focus on essential tips in this post to increase digital security.

Protection Of IP And Copyrights

To protect your digital assets, you must go through legal channels. Intellectual property theft has become a common problem for digital marketers. Anyone can easily access your content, videos, graphs, and educational materials and use them as their own. This is why copyright protection is necessary. You can take the help of a lawyer to get your copyright. When you allow others to steal your IP, it turns into the worst issue.

Secure Your Internet Connection Of Your Organization

Today’s hackers have modern ideas and techniques to easily fetch content and digital marketing assets. They have created different ways to access your information. Mostly, WI-FI connections are exploited. This can turn havoc for your business once the trade secrets are stolen and sold. You can prevent this data breach by enhancing your firewalls and security software programs. Always keep up-to-date information and secure your operating system.

Keep your WI-FI connection strong by changing the network name occasionally and keep end-to-end encryption for the data. It is also recommended to keep your router in a location where it is not easily accessible.

Use Secure Authentication

You can limit your employee access to protect your data from hackers. Additionally, using two-factor authentication will be an essential security layer for your data. Likewise, you can implement other identification methods. For example, a text to calls or questions only a particular employee can answer. This will prevent unrecognized and unsafe access to your database.

Moreover, if anyone steals your employee’s device or password, they still won’t be able to get access to your database. This is why Two-factor authentication is very important. This can be used automatically with other platforms such as Salesforce, Google, Slack, etc.

Create Asset Database

You can keep your content and digital marketing assets safe by creating an asset database. It will ensure high security for your entire data. When you don’t know where your valuable contents and assets are, you are indirectly harming their potential value. Therefore, create a full-fledged database to keep all the content safe.

Your secured database list must include your website information, including articles, domain URLs and videos, social media posts, client lists, customer information, manuals and spreadsheets, photos, mobile applications, IP, and other assets. Recording assets will help you to know what you have and what has been used. Moreover, you can track the assets.

Use Strong Passwords

A strong password is necessary for every digital asset. Password setup allows only the users who know the password and then get access to your data and assets. Ensure that it is strong enough so that any person cannot get access with random password guesses. The password must contain upper-case and lower-case letters, special characters, and numbers and should be long. Also, keep unique passwords for different assets. It is advised to change the password on a frequent basis.

Train Your Team And Limit Access

The entire team must not have access to every digital asset or application. The access should be limited and allowed to users for whom it is needed. Set up permission on apps and customize; you can edit, view, copy and transfer data. If you have remote team members, set up an encrypted password storage application to allow them to access the software with high security. Moreover, it is important to educate your team and teach them to manage digital security and passwords following your organization’s safety standards. They must follow the policies and regulations for the maintenance of digital assets.

Final Words

With effective ways, you can ensure high digital security. You can protect your brand’s data and reputation through the above ways. Follow the most secure techniques and tricks to protect your information immediately for the long term. Moreover, keep information and updates on recent data breaches to prevent your data from those malicious activities.



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