The Most Evolved Species

Some tags are born with you,
My people taught-
While some you create on your own.

Those that you create, will die.
I was told-
But the unsolicited ones are hard to destroy.

For they are more deep-rooted ones,
I listened-
Thus, are difficult to shun.

Religion, sex, color, and other such legacies,
Nobody warned-
Are nothing more than fatal conspiracies.

Conspiracies to wreck the ability to reason, think & decide,
None advised-
Mere are the stratagems to drift apart and divide.

‘He’ is above ‘She’- it’s how social-hierarchy works.
No wonder-
Women are still a second a gender and men self-proclaimed Gods

“All colors are beautiful”, they said in a voice so loud.
“Yes!”, happily I agreed-
But just then ‘black’ was thrown out of the crowd.

They labeled ‘Pride’ a sick mob.
Aghast I was-
A heart filled with love was called flawed.

Castes further sectioned sapiens.
I am appalled-
Humans too got sub-species – isn’t that odd?

Planet Earth is for all.
But they denied-
And at each fall of nonhuman life, Nature cried.

That day, humanity perished at each breath.
I stood there, I saw-
In the name of religion, how they brewed clouds of death.

Is there anything more left to do or see?
Or high time to seek an answer-
What has become of the most evolved species?

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