When Weird Works: How Pepsi’s 2022 Ad Campaign Defied Convention

In today’s world, brands are constantly looking for innovative and creative ways to stand out from the crowd. Pepsi is no exception, and in 2022, the brand launched a new ad campaign called “That’s What I Like” that embraced the power of weirdness.The “That’s What I Like” campaign features a series of ads that showcase people enjoying Pepsi in their own unique and unconventional ways. From a woman riding a mechanical bull to a man playing the accordion on the beach, the ads are full of quirky and unexpected moments that are designed to capture the attention of viewers.

But why did Pepsi decide to embrace weirdness in its ad campaign? The answer lies in the fact that weirdness is a powerful tool for breaking through the clutter of modern advertising. In a world where consumers are bombarded with thousands of ads every day, it takes something truly unusual and memorable to stand out.

The “That’s What I Like” campaign also taps into a broader cultural trend towards embracing individuality and authenticity. In today’s world, people are increasingly drawn to brands and products that allow them to express their own unique style and personality. By showcasing a diverse group of people enjoying Pepsi in their own unique ways, the campaign reinforces the idea that Pepsi is a drink that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their personal tastes or preferences.

Of course, embracing weirdness is not without its risks. Brands that push the envelope too far can sometimes come across as gimmicky or inauthentic. However, Pepsi manages to strike the right balance in its “That’s What I Like” campaign by embracing weirdness in a way that feels fun, lighthearted, and genuine.

The campaign has also been successful in engaging consumers on social media. The brand has encouraged consumers to share their own weird and wacky Pepsi moments using the hashtag #ThatsWhatILike. This has helped to create a sense of community around the campaign and has given consumers an opportunity to engage with the brand in a fun and interactive way.

In conclusion, the “That’s What I Like” campaign demonstrates the power of embracing weirdness in advertising. By tapping into a cultural trend towards individuality and authenticity, and by using unusual and unexpected moments to capture attention, Pepsi has managed to create a campaign that is both memorable and effective.

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